Multipurpose Dulce de Leche filling and icing for bakery and industrial use. Order now>>

Most common use: Filling

Cake layer filling and icing. Garnish on ice cream sundaes. A variegate in cheesecakes or ice cream/ gelatos.  Filling for donuts, crepes, obleas, croissants, churros, and pastries.  Flavoring icing. Works for inclusions like beer, coffee, ice cream, gelato, and custards. A spread on toast. Kosher certified.

Available in Wholesale:

5-gal plastic pail with 55 pounds net – 36 pails per pallet
2-gal plastic pail with 24 pounds net – 80 pails per pallet
1-gal plastic pail with 11 pounds net – 150 pails per pallet

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